Gerald Kemp Heating Services

A provider of gas and domestic plumbing  services over South Wales

Plumbing & Power Flushing

Dishwasher installation

Household plumbing

We carry out all forms of domestic plumbing including replacement of taps, sinks, fitting of washing machines, dishwashers and outside taps.

power flushing a heating system

Power flush

Does your central heating seem to be struggling to heat your home?

Have you noticed cold spots on your radiators?

Do you need to bleed air from your system regularly, and if so, does the water coming out seem dirty/black?

If you answer yes to 2 or more of these questions, there is a strong possibility your heating system needs to be cleaned out. By using cleansing chemicals and a powerful flushing machine we can dramatically improve performance and efficiency on most sludged up systems....Contact us, we could save you a lot of money!!!